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Complex fluid flows arise across the physical and life sciences, including climate research, as well as in the energy, chemical, automotive, aircraft, and shipbuilding industries. Scientific and technological progress is, therefore, broadly underpinned by the ability to accurately compute, design, and optimize fluid flows. The wide range of length and time scales that need to be covered in such computations, along with the large number of design parameters affecting fluid flow properties, make numerical simulations highly demanding. Current capabilities in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are thus insufficient to meet the future demands of users in academia and industry. 

The overarching goal of this project is to rise to this challenge by developing a versatile quantum algorithmic framework for efficiently solving a wide range of CFD problems without compromising accuracy. The proposed methodology will be demonstrated on hardware developed in European Quantum Technology Flagship Projects and in the quantum technologies industry. It will prove the feasibility and advantages of our approach using a core set of CFD problems arising, for example, in the thermal management of battery-electric vehicles. The approach will subsequently be extended to a wider class of flow configurations. Extensive validation and benchmarking will provide detailed quantitative information on hardware requirements for achieving a quantum advantage, as well as information on the scaling with the problem size of QCFD and corresponding quantum inspired CFD algorithms. 

Project Identity

Project TitleQuantum Computational Fluid Dynamics
Granting AuthorityEuropean Commission-EU
Type of actionHORIZON Research and Innovation Actions
Funding UnderDigital, Industry and Space 
Project number101080085 
Project starting date1 November 2022 
Project end date31 October 2026  
Total Cost€ 4 935 145,75 
EU contribution€ 4 935 143,25 
Project CoordinatorUniversity of Hamburg (UHH) 

computational fluid dynamics; battery electric vehicles; battery cooling; variational quantum algorithms; quantum software; optimization; industrial design 


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The QCFD (Quantum Computational Fluid Dynamics) project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon Programme (HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-10), Grant Agreement 101080085 QCFD.